Another problem is that this test

Another problem is that this test, it may be difficult to estimate the number of shares in a small bundle of hair was caught and pulled, it is impossible to accurately calculate the percentage.

On the other hand, if the person in the next few days, and do not wash your hair, or have a good brushing the epilated shares more recently expected, does not necessarily indicate a problem.

To correct diagnosis before trying to treat the symptoms of type and cause of hair loss. Acute and chronic telogen effluvium, alopecia areata in some form, and the conditions of the moderately loose androgen syndrome, manifested as excessive shedding. Have different characteristics and different for each of these conditions causes. Judgment and treatment of the root cause, and will bring the best results.

First, it is impossible to “capture” every ray of fall. Most daily shedding, unnoticed. The best way to measure whether a problem may exist if the person is found more than what is normal shedding. If the answer is yes, the problem may exist. Most people do not imagine shedding increase. They know are aware of any changes in their use.

Hair pull test is usually determined by the proportion of individuals and professionals at different stages of the hair growth cycle. Test by grabbing a small bunch of hair between your thumb and forefinger, giving a gentle tug. The idea is that, if more than 10% of the hair is pulled hair removal problems.

Trying to determine exactly how much hair loss per day is exhausting and almost impossible. See excessive decliners clothes, pillows, floor brush, shower drain, sink, etc., it is sufficient to verify that there is a problem.

Concerned about the excessive shedding of the people are often told not to worry. After all, “It is normal to lose 100 shares per day,” they were told. In order to determine whether the hair loss is real or imagined, the people tend to start collecting and calculating declining stocks, hoping to find less than 100. Noted that the excess percentage decliners daily is no doubt that a problem, but found that less than 100 does not necessarily show that the problem of hair loss does not exist.

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