hair loss treatment

Thyroid disease: hypothyroidism, or an overactive thyroid, may lead to hair loss. Treatment of thyroid disease, can solve this problem.

What is hair loss?

Each year, the hair cycle is repeated. Its growth, and then to maintain growth, and finally fall. In normal individuals, usually occurs in 90% of the scalp hair growth. The remaining part of the scalp in 60 days to 90 day period in the telogen. On the other hand, the growth stage can last from 24-72 months. Telogen hair began to fall. This is called shedding phase. Under normal circumstances, the hair falling out every day from 50 to 100 shares. Hair loss, a decrease of about 0.5 inch speed is changed every 30 days.

There are many possible causes of hair loss has been confirmed alopecia or increased. These values ​​are as follows:

. Many myths hair loss and hair loss treatment. Myth that has proved to be a false statement and others. Nevertheless, it is still an ongoing debate, what is the cause baldness.

Nutritional imbalance: Experts have found that the lack of protein in the diet can lead to baldness. Some people choose a vegetarian, if implemented badly, leading to hair loss. This is because the body will save protein switch is in the growth stage, telogen hair.

Various causes hair loss

Alopecia areata: All ages and sexes are affected by the impact of the disease. Baldness appears in approximately 1.5 mm diameter smooth patch.

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