Main symbol of male hair loss

Male hormone testosterone
Progress of male hair loss, hair thinning, not so long growth, expanding bald spot in the crown.

Receding hairline
Moderate hair loss, especially in the head
Approximately 95% of male hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness.

Shoes like the left and right sides of a horse’s head.

Male hair loss is the main culprit – DHT

Men’s hair loss – warning signs

Main symbol of male hair loss:

Finally, thinning crown and retracted point may satisfy a horseshoe is formed on both sides of the head around the pattern and the hair.

Although most men, hair loss is more obvious from the age of 35-40, male hair loss can start as early as 20.

Some people think that in this case, including the three factors:

DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is recognized as a major culprit. DHT is a combination of testosterone and androgen receptors mixed with sebum and dirt particles. Some follicles are particularly sensitive to DHT and come into contact with it, tend to shrink. Finally, the hair follicle may shut down altogether hair loss.

Male hair loss, hair at the temples down crown began to thin.

Another condition is known as alopecia areata, wherein the hair out from the root, in one or more spots. This is more common than androgenetic alopecia.

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