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Itchy scalp, hair loss is?

Itchy scalp hair loss will affect thousands of people each year. This situation may be annoying, painful, even humiliating. However, rarely cause a serious health condition. The most common reason itching scalp and hair loss is minor and easily treated. Here are some possible causes itchy scalp, hair loss, this information may be useful to you.

Dandruff is an itchy scalp and one of the most common reasons. Sometimes it may even lead to hair loss. However, this situation is not a permanent event. Once the conditions of the normal process of hair grows back.

Return to the moisture of the skin, dandruff is easy to handle. Special work, as well as in the repair scalp shampoo. Dandruff is seborrhea cortisone creams and lotions provisions, in order to treat any existing inflammation.

Folliculitis is the occurrence of the infection in the hair follicles. This infection can cause itchy scalp hair loss. It tends to cause hair care products contain chemicals and harsh ingredients. Such components may damage the hair follicle and cause scalp infection.

In this case, as the name implies. This is a severe itching of the scalp, which may lead to thinning hair. There are many reasons for such symptoms. Please continue reading to learn more.


Dandruff is a scalp dry, scaling skin. Dandruff may in certain circumstances, which is a type of skin eczema, seborrheic dermatitis is a form. This may be a result of the skin’s natural yeast overgrowth.

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