they see the root of the problem and put it inside out

# Myth # 5: Keep away from the gel and hairspray

Excessive exposure to the sun can make your hair limp and dull, but you bald, they do not bear any responsibility. Tanning beds also does not accept any responsibility for this problem.

. Break the myth, and trying to figure out the cause of hair loss. This may be due to certain diseases, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of proper diet, genetic, or due to a specific drug. If it is due to the underlying disease and treatment can help restore hair growth. In many cases, some of the drugs you are taking may be responsible for the problem, it can be easily reversed disable these drugs.

# Myth 7: exposure to direct sunlight accelerate baldness

Some people think that they are using the product to contribute their own hair loss, however, this is not entirely correct. It is not a product, but the way you choose, it may affect the growth of your hair. When looking for products to prevent baldness, you must first understand the root cause, and select the correct evaluation products. Do not blindly follow the infomercials, and try everything, claiming that the problem to be solved. The ingredients in the product, the best choice for those powerful and effective ingredients, such as saw palmetto and Polygonum multiflorum. Prevent hair loss, which will go a long way.

While baldness, they see the root of the problem and put it inside out, natural treatment is the most effective method. Hair growth in your diet, you can consider in order to get the necessary nutrients essential vitamins and minerals. A good hair massage and use shampoos and conditioners that contain natural ingredients can go a long way to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Myth: excessive physical or emotional stress may become bald

This is true, but there is a trap. The physical and mental stress does not cause any hair Los Angeles, but if you have to face this problem, then the pressure can aggravate. When you feel the pressure, the body releases stress hormones and cortisol. This also led to the internal body hair growth hormone imbalance. Dramatic changes in body weight, may also lead to hair loss.

Contrary to popular belief, load your body with carbohydrates may cause hair loss, it has been shown, carbohydrates and red meat provide nutrients necessary to maintain full head of hair. The study also showed that, including certain vitamins and minerals in your diet can help restore hair growth.

# Myth # 6: Eating carbohydrates may lead to hair loss

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